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How to Make a Snowmobiler Happy

How to Make a Snowmobiler Happy

12 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Looking for a gift for the sledder in your life? Pick one and show them you care...

It’s getting down to the nitty gritty and the holiday season is near. If you are like us, we are just beginning to start our shopping. Unfortunately, we put it off again because we were trying to get the last drop out of the other riding season. We always seem to start out with good intentions of being organized and having all this put to bed by September, but every year we end up in the same situation.

This year we decided to look in the garage and gear bags and see what we use that would put a smile on any sledders face, while helping make their sledding season fun and safe. Here is our list of great little "Stocking Stuffers for the 12 days of Christmas"

1 - LED Light Wands

Although we all carry flashlights and know the importance of having light on the trail, these handy dandy, easily stored little gadgets from “Garrity” will light up a large area better than the focused beam of a flashlight. The flash mode with 3 different colours is an emergency situation must.

1 LED Light wand


2 - OFSC District and Loop Maps

Simple, inexpensive and something that could become a yearly tradition in itself. Simply go to the Toronto Snowmobile and ATV Show and gather up a few sets to give away to your friends. You could also email any or all of the 16 OFSC Districts and have them mailed directly to your door. 

2 OFSC District Maps


3 - Leatherman Multi Use Tool

Carrying this tool has become 2nd nature - just like putting a pair of pants, or a helmet on. Great for cleaning up a clutch jammed with blown belt cords, cutting limbs that overhang your favourite trail, or helping to prepare a trailside snack.

3 Leatherman Tool

4 - Paid Membership At Your Local Club

Enjoy the benefits of hanging around with like-minded people and join in the camaraderie that events like pot-lucks, meetings, socials, and planned charity rides bring. It’s great for the whole family and you also can have some say in how organized snowmobiling is run. 

4 Paid Membership


5 - Plexis Plastic Cleaner

Helmets and goggles seem to last longer than the visors and lenses that come with them, as they get scratched from normal use. Save the big expense of replacement by buffing out those scratches once again giving you safe, clear vision. 

5 plexus


6 - Gift or Gas Cards From Your Favourite Sled Dealer, Aftermarket Gear Supplier or Gas Station

Not sure what they really want, not sure of colour or size? Just drop a Gift Card in the stocking. They'll be very glad you did. Seriously, what sledder can't use GAS!!

Harcourt-gen-store-2 -cover 

7 - Memory Card

For the picture-taker or movie maker—you can't have too much storage capacity for all of the fabulous sights you encounter. Memory cards also work in most current GPS units, so save the tracks that gave you the memories too.


8 - The OFSC iSnowMobile App

Paper maps are great for planning a trip at the table, but having access to up to date and current information on trail conditions, and Provincial Snow Tour Loops at the tip of your fingers is something no sledder with a smartphone should go without.

8 I Snowmobile app


9 - AnyGlove

Oh and speaking of fingers, we’ve found a way to keep them warm this year by applying a bit of this to your glove tips - you will never have to take them off to click or swipe your smartphone again. Works like a charm and didn’t cost an arm and a leg for special gloves.


10 - Electric Sox

Gone are the days of stuffing little packages of warmth into your boots. With these new wireless, remote-control socks you will never again experience that feeling of walking around with what feels like a stone in your boot. The ultra-small, lithium-ion polymer batteries are embedded into the footwarmer insoles—you won’t feel a thing except warmth and comfort.

10 Socks


11 - Hand Mirrors

These are a great addition to any rider’s gear. With or without mounted mirrors, they add the benefit of extra safety, and they can also be used as an emergency signalling device since they are not mounted to the sled.

11 Hand Mirror


12 - Apres Ride Spa Treatment (Sir Sam's)

This one might not be that “little” but the fact remains that the waterspa at Sir Sam's is something we won’t soon forget and it's perfect for those who don't ride too. It gives them the opportunity to spend the day while the others go out, or for the after-ride crew to come and relax and regenerate after a long day's ride. (not so little, but a nice add-on to a bigger present).

12 Apres Ride



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