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Buying Your Permit Online

Buying Your Permit Online

Safely discover Ontario when the time is right. For the most up-to-date information on where and when it is safe to travel please visit: covid-19.ontario.ca.

Do your part by following public health advice. It is important to wear a face mask or covering, practice physical distancing, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

The OFSC is doing everything possible to make it easier for you to buy a permit for Ontario snowmobiling. If you haven’t already checked out how to buy your permit online, you should give it a try. Going into its third season, online permit sales are secure, private, simple and convenient. No hassles. No missed deadlines. No travel costs. What’s your time worth? You can save time by buying online. Best of all, if you purchase your Seasonal permit online on or before December 1st, we have a one-time deal for you: don’t pay the $5 standard shipping cost!

Other Benefits

Now you can purchase Seasonal, Classic (now available until March 15), Seven-Day and Three-Day permits online. The OFSC has also reduced transaction and shipping fees, and riders now have the option to choose either standard mail (free until Dec. 1st for each Seasonal Permit purchase) or signature required shipping. You can also save shipping costs by ordering up to three permits delivered to the same address in one package. In addition, the application forms are simpler to make your life easier.

Buying your permit on line also benefits you by reducing the margin of error. Your order is tracked and processed by a professional fulfilment house that specializes in online sales. Not only is your information kept private, protected and confidential with state of the art safeguards, it is much more certain to be accurate, assuming you fill out the online form correctly. This process eliminates anyone trying to interpret your handwritten permit application form or making an entry mistake when manually transferring the data. It also means that the OFSC has the right address on file to ensure you receive the four free magazine mailings to which signing up for OFSC benefits entitles you.

Buying a permit online benefits OFSC clubs because each buyer assigns their permit to a club during purchase. An online provincial district map and complete club list makes it easy for you to select which club to support. Buy where you ride is very important to your club. It means that you direct the portion of your permit revenue that stays local to the club whose trails you ride most often.

Less Work to Do

You won’t see two of the major benefits of buying your permit online. One, each permit sold online removes part of the administrative workload from your club volunteers. Permit 2015One of each club’s biggest challenges is the time and energy it takes to manually process the required paperwork for every permit sold in person or by mail. This is effort that could be invested in other club activities that directly benefit you, everything from trail work and grooming to great club events and activities. When you buy your permit online, all the processing is done automatically and accurately.

The second unseen benefit of buying your permit online is eliminating workload from dealers and retailers. We’ve all been used to dropping by a local business to buy a permit, but the truth is that for many locations, selling permits is a challenge, especially when they are busy or in the rush for the December 1st deadline. Remember, these outlets don’t get paid to sell permits, so you can appreciate that the more permits we sell online, the less work they have to do. Besides, not every club has a large number of permit outlets, so finding one can sometimes be a chore, but your permit is always available online 24/7.

So why not try online permit buying this season? When you do, please also choose OFSC member benefits. There’s no additional charge, and you’ll receive a free subscription to both the OFSC Go Snowmobiling Magazine and Supertrax, plus be eligible for many exclusive savings and discounts available only to OFSC members.

Buying your online is so easy, it makes permit buying fun!

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