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Back in the Snow Saddle Again—First Ride of The Season in Parry Sound!

Back in the Snow Saddle Again—First Ride of The Season in Parry Sound!

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Editor's Note: As we saw recently, the Parry Sound region is an incredible place for motorsports, a place where Ontario trails and attractions abound. Of course, as any sledder will tell you, there's just something about that first ride of the season… the fresh snow, getting together with friends, and thoughts of the season ahead…

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Another fun and sunshine-filled summer has come and gone. This saddens most people as they winterize and some put their boats away, along with other summer toys in preparation for the cold weather to come. However, for some of us—we couldn’t be happier to say “Good Hibernation” to our summer toys and say “Good Morning” to our winter toys!
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The first snowfall in Ontario, even if it’s just a light dusting, is always exciting and incredibly tempting, especially for those itching to get out snowmobiling. Waiting to go snowmobiling typically begins after summer “wears off” and for some, that feeling starts right after the snow melts. However after the first light dusting of snow, waiting for the ground to freeze and decent accumulation is quite possibly the longest wait of the year (so it seems). The even more exciting part about the beginning of the season is bringing out the snowmobiles from storage. For those snowmobile junkies out there… well, they'll know what I mean when I say, there is nothing that can beat the sweet smell of snowmobile exhaust. Taking out the snowmobiles, cleaning and prepping them for the winter, bringing out your warm clothing and gear (which probably smells like snowmobile exhaust), buying permits and of course, the snowfall, really gets a snowmobile lover in the mood to get out on the trails.
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Permit 2015
I am blessed enough to live on 200 acres of property in the Parry Sound district and have permission to use my neighbours' 500 acres, so when the snow comes and the OFSC trails aren’t yet available, I am able to go out and ride on fields and home-made trails through forests and fields. Snowmobiling has always been a huge thing in my family, ever since I was really young, back when I was riding an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat, before moving up to a Ski-Doo Mini Z. My whole family has always had snowmobiles, even our family friends! We would all get together on the lake, have a cook out, and go snowmobiling together and hangout. Some of my fondest memories are from past snowmobile trips with family and friends, which always gets me incredibly excited to get out snowmobiling every season.
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Our property fields are the go-to place for my family and friends when we can’t ride the OFSC trails, yet there is enough snow on the ground. During the week of December 9th to December 13th, the Parry Sound district got dumped on with snow, in total receiving about 50 cm of accumulation, leaving the whole area completely snow-covered and waiting to be touched by snowmobiles. After the snowfall subsided overnight that Thursday the 12th, early Friday morning the sky was blue and the sun was shining. To everyone’s surprise I was up at the crack of dawn, out snowshoeing and taking pictures of the beautiful wintry landscape Mother Nature had created over the past week. Later that Friday, my family and some family friends got together in our fields to ride around and have some fun in the fresh powder in our fields. I couldn’t believe the excitement on their faces to be actually outside snowmobiling—the sun was out and everyone was smiling, happy to be out on their sleds.
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Being on the snowmobile for the first time since last season is the best feeling… listening to the exhaust system of the machine, seeing the snow fly through the A arms and ski’s and up and over your hood. The first ride of the season always reminds me how much I love and missed winter. The first ride is always so much fun—it really gets every rider looking forward to the OFSC trails becoming available, and makes you glad that winter is finally here again!

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