2018 OFSC Early Bird Permits Deadline Extended!

The November 1st deadline has been extended for now. You'll still have a chance to save 30% and be ready for an amazing year on #Ontariosnowtrails

Update: 2:55 pm, November 6, 2017

All systems go! Pre-November 1 pricing will be in effect until midnight of November 8, 2017. 

Update: 9:05 am, November 6, 2017

The OFSC permit site is now accessible. The transaction time may take up to 12 seconds to process, please do not resubmit or hit the back button during this time.

If you time out during the transaction, send an email to permits@ofsc.on.ca immediately with the exact time of your attempted transaction and email address.


Update: 2:40 pm, November 3, 2017

The OFSC are still working on getting the permit system back online and expect to have an update within the next little while.

The refund process for multiple transactions started yesterday and the team is working through the queue.

Please note this will take some time to process and also to show up on your credit card statement. Once a refund has been issued, they will email you with copies of the refunded transaction(s) as well as an update on the status of your original order. In most instances, you will not be required to re-purchase your permit.

As a reminder, please submit refund requests to permits@ofsc.on.ca.


Update: 9:20 am, November 3, 2017

Update: 9:15 am, November 2, 2017

After a test run last night, the OFSC online permit page is again offline. 

Once they’ve gone 12 hours without issue, they will send out an email announcing the re-launch and when the new time extension will be in full effect.


Update: 10:25 am, November 1, 2017

If you were one of the sledders who waited until the last minute to buy your early-bird OFSC trail permit this year, you may have been shocked and frustrated to find that you were unable to make the purchase. But don't worry. The Ministry of Transportation has approved an extension of the pre-November 1 deadline. The time frame to buy your early permit at Pre November 1 pricing will be extended the same amount of time as the system was down and permits were not available online.

The OFSC are working diligently to get the issue rectified and get the system back online. They ask for your cooperation in not accessing the system until it is online and available for your permit purchase.

Check back here for updates on what the new deadline date will be. 

After the overwhelming response by Ontario snowmobilers the last 3 years, the OFSC has made early-bird purchase of their trail permits available again for the 2017-2018 season. Get your permit before November 1st, to save 30% and secure your and your family's place on the trails for what's looking to be a return to the incredible Ontario winters we all know!

The 2018 OFSC trail permits are now available online only. No need to figure out where you have to go to pick on up. If you're reading this now you can buy yours now. 

Ontario snowmobilers have made it clear that early bird purchase is the way to do it. With over 41,000 seasonal and classic trail permits sold before the 2013-14 season even began (the largest and earliest sales total in OFSC history!) and 78% of seasonal passes purchased before November 1st in 2016, the riders have spoken and the OFSC will deliver. If you missed out on the savings, there's no need to miss out on the adventures this year. You can still get yours online now.

Secure funding is good for the clubs. And what's good for the clubs is good for the rider. With over 200 clubs operating and maintaining over 33,000 km of trails it's possible to plan snowmobile trips across the province. What better way to experience the beauty of Ontario this winter than on a snowmobile?  

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