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Where to Get Your 2021 Early Bird OFSC Trail Pass

• Credit: Photo by Martin Lortz
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Where to Get Your 2021 Early Bird OFSC Trail Pass

Buy your OFSC permits early to save 30% and be ready for an amazing year on #Ontariosnowtrails

After the overwhelming response by Ontario snowmobilers over the last six years, the OFSC trail pass is available at early-bird prices again for the 2020-2021 season. The 2021 OFSC permits are available from September 1, 2020. This early date is the first time in OFSC’s 53-year history that snowmobilers can purchase trail permits and permit gift cards before Labour Day.

Get your OFSC permits online before November 1st to save 30% and secure your and your family's place on the trails for what's looking to be a return to the incredible Ontario winters we all know!

Fee Stability

To keep permits affordable and encourage early buying, snowmobilers will benefit from fee stability. This means that 2021 Seasonal and Classic Trail Permit fees will not increase from last season. Early Bird fees will remain at $190 (Seasonal) or $150 (Classic).

These early fees are only available online at ofsc.on.ca from September 1st through November 1st, after which permit fees increase. Under Ontario law, Snowmobile Trail Permits sold by the OFSC under the authority of the Ministry of Transportation are mandatory for recreational snowmobiling on OFSC Prescribed Trails.

Rider Advantage Bonus

The OFSC is also providing a one-time “confidence bonus” for snowmobilers who sign up for the Rider Advantage Program at the time of early permit purchase. This OFSC offer is redeemable towards the purchase of a 2022 Seasonal or Classic Trail Permit. Snowmobilers who sign up for Rider Advantage this September, between the 1st & 30th, may qualify for a bonus of $50. For those signing up for Rider Advantage from October 1 to 31, the bonus is $25.

The OFSC will apply the Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus for 2022 Seasonal or Classic Permits should snowmobile trails become closed this season as a result of COVID-19 health guidelines. For the bonus to apply, such closure would have to occur before February 16, 2021 and continue for the remainder of the season. The appropriate bonus would then be applied to your 2022 Permit account.

The Rider Advantage Confidence Bonus provides reassurance to snowmobilers in these difficult times. But equally important, the incentive helps ensure that OFSC clubs and volunteers receive the funds required to prepare 30,000 kilometres of trails province-wide this fall. Through the purchase of a permit, trail riders each contribute to the overall operating cost of the entire provincial system to help keep as many snowmobile trails as possible available now and into the future.

Secure funding is good for the clubs. And what's good for the clubs is good for the rider. With over 200 clubs operating and maintaining over 33,000 km of trails it's possible to plan snowmobile trips across the province. What better way to experience the beauty of Ontario this winter than on a snowmobile?  

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