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Ontario Snowmobiling Loops near GTA

Ontario Snowmobiling Loops near GTA

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There are two Ontario snowmobiling loops used quite often by riders from the west area of the GTA, or as they are refered to as the Weekday Warriors! In OFSC District 4, sledders that actually pack not only their lunch but their sleds in the hope to sneak a ride in after work! 

Our Hillsburgh Snow Roamers' groomer operators refer to these loops as our Mini 8 or the Mega 8.

Staging areas for both loops can be accessed from the Elora Cateract Trail parking lot just off highway 124 in Erin or the Petro/Canada and Judy’s Restaurant parking lot at Brisbane and/or the Elora Cateract Parking lot just off Station Road in Hillsburgh.

Readily available on, or just off the trails is fuel, restaurants and a new Tim Hortons for all you coffee lovers.

Mini 8

Consist of a ride heading from intersection #100 to #101 North to #105 East to #108 South to #109 continuing to #103 North to #104 South back to #100.

Mega 8

Consists in a similar route riding from intersection #100 to #101 North to #105 East to #109 South to #107 then South to #103 North to #104 then South back to #100.

Both loops are extremely scenic as you ride through rolling farmland, beautiful bush and the hills of the Hillsburgh Area. 2005_1230Image0036

Note from our President

"We are a proud club with over 35 years of improving the trail riding experience in the Hillsburgh / Erin area! Our volunteers, members, executive and sponsors know that this is one of the best and most scenic trail riding areas in the region. Take the next step, come out and find this out for yourselves and bring your family and friends! You’ll be back!"

- Gord Wiesner

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