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Enjoy the Best of Ontario Sledding with your Best Friend—The His and Hers Top 5

Enjoy the Best of Ontario Sledding with your Best Friend—The His and Hers Top 5

Enjoying the outdoors in Ontario with friends and family makes for memorable lifelong lasting experiences. And who better to make these experiences with than our life partners? I recently sat down, trail side… yes, on the side of a trail while out on a ride with my wife Kim, to investigate what makes snowmobiling so much fun for her. A unique exercise, as we sat on top of the world at Boulter lookout, I handed her a pencil (pens do not work well at -20 C) and paper and asked her to write down the top 5 reasons why she loves to snowmobile. As she wrote hers, I did the same and prepared mine. 

IMG 4239

I truly believe that you will find the results of this exercise to be compelling and hope that you will try it with your significant other—once complete, upload your top 5’s to social media and use the hashtag #ontariosnowtrails

From my perspective, why I love to snowmobile


#5 – Diversity
Ontario is home to the largest interconnected trail network in the world, with over 30,000 km of maintained groomed and signed trails—the possibilities are nearly endless. The OFSC’s trail network leads you to places that you otherwise would never be able to access, whether it be because of private property or impassable terrain. The ribbons of white highway that the OFSC’s groomers lay make it a breeze to adventure to those hard-to-get-to locations. These same trails also lead to services, accommodations and some of the finest lodges and resorts in the world… what more could you ask for?

#4 – Physical Activity
Winter can seem long in Ontario, or not long enough if you’re a diehard sledder like me. Sure, the days are shorter and the nights are cold, however spending a blue bird sunny day outside snowmobiling is a great way to stay physically active, get a bit of vitamin D through the visor and a ton of cool, Canadian fresh air!

#3 – Scenery GOPR1703
Ontario boasts some of the most scenic and well-maintained snowmobile trails in the world. I absolutely love visiting a local lookout, seeing a cold sparkling creek meander through a trail-side valley, or even enjoy majestic wildlife like moose, deer, lynx and wolves that are commonly seen using Ontario snow trails as their winter highways.

#2 – Memories
The connections and adventures that we are able to share with friends and family in the Great Canadian Outdoors is the number two reason why I love to snowmobile. Snowmobiling is a social sport that breeds memories and experiences, from fabulous trails and scenic locations to warm and friendly accommodations, the snowmobiling experience creates lifelong connections.

#1 – Go Ride
It’s not a surprise that I love to snowmobile because I love to ride—snowmobiling is like no other motorsport in many respects. The connection between man, machine and snow is something that is very unique. Snow provides an interesting, challenging and ever-changing dynamic that makes no two rides alike. The sheer adrenaline of exploring evolving conditions and figuring out what I am able to do and conquer on my snowmobile keeps me dreaming of my next ride.

So now that you have read my top 5 reasons why I love to snowmobile, let’s check out Kim’s input. 


#5 - Tradition

I was brought up snowmobiling; I couldn’t imagine winter without it. Growing up, I remember my dad taking us for rides across the lake on the Elan, Stratos and Formula. Snowmobiling brings back memories and is a way of life—it’s just something that we do in the winter as Canadians.

#4 - Good Upper Body Work Out
kim sled

I get a lot of lower body exercise in the winter by snowboarding and snowshoeing. They say that a good workout needs balance, and snowmobiling provides me with a ton of upper body exercise. Snowmobiling can be a full body work out too, depending on how aggressive you ride, and where you ride!

#3 - Fun and Thrilling

Riding a snowmobile lets you control your own ride, whether you’re a speed demon or like to enjoy the scenery—it’s your choice. Nothing compares to snowmobiling, not even the best rollercoaster.

#2 - Time with Friends and Family

I love going to scenic views, warm lodges, and eating at different restaurants. These winter experiences make for great stories and memories to talk about for years to come.

#1 - Adventure

Every ride is different, the conditions, your route, what you will see. There is a sense of adventure, a voyage to new places. You get to explore and see things that not everyone else gets to see. Snowmobiling is fulfilling—you feel accomplished at the end of a good day of riding.


Although our responses didn’t exactly align and we most likely would have lost competing in "The Newlywed Game", we quickly found out through this exercise that many of the attributes that make snowmobiling in Ontario so special to us we share in common.

So here’s to planning an epic ride, finding that perfect winter scenery, enjoying warm northern hospitality, being active, enjoying the thrill of the ride and, of course, creating lasting memories with your special someone that will form tradition in generations to come.

Don’t forget to tag #ontariosnowtrails with your top 5’s

Jeff and Kim McGirr



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