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Snowmobilers Keeping Nature Beautiful

Snowmobilers Keeping Nature Beautiful

Safely discover Ontario when the time is right. For the most up-to-date information on where and when it is safe to travel please visit: covid-19.ontario.ca.

Do your part by following public health advice. It is important to wear a face mask or covering, practice physical distancing, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

February is Snowmobiling Environment Month and across Ontario, OFSC snowmobilers have been doing their part to keep nature beautiful for more than 45 years. Today, snowmobiling and the environment is a good news story. Modern snowmobiles feature clean, advanced technology that runs more efficiently, effectively and quieter than ever before. They also benefit Mother Nature by significantly reducing emissions and virtually eliminating smoke and smell. In fact, modern snowmobile engines produce 98% fewer hydrocarbons and 94% less sound than older sleds. Overall, snowmobiles account for only a small fraction of all the motor fuel burned annually in Canada.

Snowmobilers care about the environment. For example, most snowmobilers ride in defined locations, such as on organized trails. While Canada’s total area is almost 9.8 million square kilometres, the surface footprint of all snowmobile trails in Canada equals approximately 621.5 square kilometres, about the size of one medium sized town. So trail riding takes place on only about .0064% of our overall landmass. Yes, snowmobiling occurs on a miniscule part of the whole, so interaction between snowmobilers and wildlife remains minimal. In addition, snowmobiling occurs when a blanket of snow protects the ground, thereby also minimizing its impact on plants and earth. And after the snow melts, nature flourishes again on the trails.

Snowmobilers are active stewards, conserving the environment with many ongoing initiatives including seeding, tree planting, protecting sensitive habitats and species, erosion control, installing bridges and culverts to protect rivers and streams, working with government and environment groups, and ongoing education and outreach efforts. You can do your part by staying on the trail, not leaving garbage behind, and riding a clean technology sled.

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