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Amazing Captures for 2014

Sunset over Lac Lu, Ontario, Canada • Credit: Randy Kokesch
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Amazing Captures for 2014

These images will blow you away!

Whether you vacationed in Ontario's Sunset Country or not, these photos from the summer of 2014

If you've never been to Ontario's Sunset Country, it's really hard to grasp just how beautiful it really is up here. Between Thunder Bay and the Manitoba border, there are over 70,000 lakes, rivers, and streams. Some people think Ontario ends at Thunder Bay. I may be prejudiced, but I think our area of the province happens to be the most scenic and the following photos of Northwestern Ontario prove just that. 

Most of these photos were shot by the lodges and resorts in Northwest Ontario, by guests in the area, some locals and a few photographers. Thanks go out to all who share on our Facebook page. We love to see the beauty of Ontario's Sunset Country just as much as the visitors do.

Bluffy Lake Lodge Sunset

Can you imagine what this person was thinking at this moment? After spending the day on Bluffy Lake and then heading back to the cabin with this sunset, one can only think about how grateful and lucky they are. 

Who wouldn't want to be in this boat at Bluffy Lake Lodge?Who wouldn't want to be in this boat at Bluffy Lake Lodge?

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Twin Moose at Larus Lake

Guests of Nestor Falls Fly-in Outposts were lucky enough to see not one but two sets of moose twins in one day while staying at the outpost on Larus Lake. What a fantastic photo!

Twin moose at Larus Lake.Twin moose at Larus Lake.

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Summer Sunset at Buena Vista Resort on Lake of the Woods

What can only be called amazing, a sunset like this can often be viewed from Buena Vista Resort on Lake of the Woods in Morson, Ontario, Canada. 

Beautiful summer sunset at Buena Vista ResortBeautiful summer sunset at Buena Vista Resort

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Liv Rismondo catches a monster walleye on Wabigoon Lake

CKDR's Liv Rismondo decided to do some casting off the dock one afternoon in Dryden on Wabigoon Lake. She landed this huge 30.5" walleye and took a quick photo with one of her friends who had just stopped by to show Liv her graduation flowers before releasing it back into the lake. Great catch Liv!

30.5" walleye caught and released on Wabigoon Lake30.5" walleye caught and released on Wabigoon Lake

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Sunset Over Trout Lake at Booi's Fly-in Lodge & Outposts 

It's hard to imagine sunsets like this one at Booi's Lodge & Outposts really exist. But they do, and guests at the resort on Trout Lake get this view right from the one of the sunset chalets.

What a view from Booi's Fly-in Lodge & Outpost!What a view from Booi's Fly-in Lodge & Outposts!

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Spectacular Northern Lights from Howey Bay Resort & Outposts

Although taken a few years ago, this photo was entered into the 2014 APGO (Assoc. of Professional Geologist Ontario) photo contest. It was beautiful enough to win second place! The photo shows the Northern Lights as seen from Howey Bay Resort & Outposts looking across Howey Bay on Red Lake. 

Summer-best-2014-Howey-Bay-Northern-LightsNorthern Lights in Red Lake, Ontario, Canada

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Thunder Bay's Sleeping Giant 

Linda Ryma Photography shared this simple yet stunning photo of a few small rocks in Lake Superior with the Sleeping Giant in the background.

Beautiful evening shot of the Sleeping GiantBeautiful shot of the Sleeping Giant

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Sunset over Little Vermilion Lake

Just imagine sitting in one of those chairs! Tony Capecchi captured this great image at Fireside Lodge in Sioux Lookout. Many fish stories must have been told sitting in those chairs after a day on the lake.

Sunset over Little Vermilion LakeSunset over Little Vermilion Lake

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Pictographs in the Canadian Shield

Rock art is divided into two categories: Pictographs and Petroglyphs. The Canadian Shield in Northwest Ontario has many pictograph sites and a few petroglyph sites. The majority can be found in Quetico Provincial Park and on Lake of the Woods with some others scattered throughout the region. They can be a few hundred years old to a few thousand years old! 

Petroglyphs can be found on many rock faces in Northwest OntarioPictographs can be found on many rock faces in Northwest Ontario


Sun setting in Sioux Narrows

Whether you are boating, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, or just sitting on your dock, a sunset like this will take your breath away. There's a reason we are called Ontario's Sunset Country!

Sunset over Lake of the WoodsSunset over Lake of the Woods 

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Bald Eagle's make fishing look so easy!

Tomahawk Resort shared this amazing photo of an eagle who has just caught a walleye for his dinner. While it is not all that rare to see this, it's certainly rarer to be able to actually be in the right place at the right time with your camera! Great action shot.

Bald Eagle swooping in to get his fresh dinerBald Eagle swooping in to get his fresh dinner 

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Spectacular sunrise over Wabaskang Lake

If you're an early riser at Peffley's Canadian Wilderness Camp, you may be lucky enough to see one of their famous sunrises. It's hard to have a bad day when this is what you wake up to!

Sunrises are just as beautiful as the sunsetsSunrises are just as beautiful as the sunsets

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Beating your largest fish!

If you have children, there's nothing quite as exciting as seeing the look on their face as they catch a fish. Whether it's their largest to date like Ryan's walleye in the photo, their very first fish caught or truth be told, just any fish. Coming to Canada on a fishing trip is a memory they will treasure forever.  

Just look at the happiness in his face.Just look at the happiness on his face. This 24" walleye was a record for Ryan.


Keep your eyes open for wildlife

Sunset Country really consists mostly of lakes and rivers, forest with some small cities and towns dotting the region. Because of the fact it's wilderness up here, your chances of seeing wildlife such as this moose at Smith's Camps are high.

Canadian wildlife viewingSeeing a moose in the wilderness is priceless.

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Beautiful evening sunset over Lake of the Woods

Clouds make each sunset different and often more spectacular. Guests at the Sanctuary Resort on Whitefish Bay took a few minutes to photograph this gorgeous sunset.

Is it any wonder this resort is called The Sanctuary?Is it any wonder this resort is called The Sanctuary?

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What an amazing photo capture!

Gary Dennis took this incredible photo of a bald eagle at Totem Resorts. It's such a great photo of this beautiful bird in flight.

Bald Eagle flying along the shorelineBald Eagle flying along the shoreline

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Sun rays peeking out from the clouds

Every sunset is unique, making them all the more spectacular. I was actually just driving home when I saw the rays peer out from the clouds. I pulled over at the Kenora Harbourfront to capture the sunset.

Sunset over Lake of the Woods in KenoraSunset over Lake of the Woods in Kenora


Ontario Parks are loved by all children

It's hard to find a child that doesn't like camping. With over a dozen Provincial Parks in Northwest Ontario situated on a freshwater lake, there are lots to choose from. These youngsters below are enjoying swimming at Sioux Narrows Provincial Park.

Crystal clear water at the Sioux Narrows Provincial ParkCrystal clear water at the Sioux Narrows Provincial Park


Misty Morning at Big Hook Wilderness Camps

Big Hook Wilderness Camps are one of the farthest fly-in locations in Sunset Country. As fall approaches and the nights are cooler, the mist can often be seen in the mornings, making for a beautiful sight.

Mist rising from the waters at Big Hook Wilderness CampsMist rising from the waters at Big Hook Wilderness Camp

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If you like the photos you've seen, why don't you make the trip for yourself next year? Start planning by ordering the free Ontario's Sunset Country Travel Guide & Map. It's free and full of useful information such as accommodations, events, community and area maps, and much more.

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