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Which one would you vote for?

The 2018 snow sculptures certainly didn't disappoint! • Credit: Erin Rody
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Which one would you vote for?

Good Ol' Days in Rat Portage

Once again, the snow sculptures that line the greenbelt in Kenora are spectacular and the highlight of the Winter Carnival.

One of the highlights of the Kenora Winter Carnival is always the snow sculptures that line the Kenora greenbelt. And this year is no different. The theme, the "Good Ol' Days in Rat Portage," has several of the sculptures depicting many of our pastimes in the area.

For the last couple of months, we've been driving by these seven boxes wondering what will be carved this year. Once the first artist gets out there, you'll notice people spending a bit of extra time on their walks along the harbourfront. This year as I was taking photos, I had the opportunity to a talk to a few of the carvers. While some of them don't consider themselves artists, I certainly do. They are amazing.

Judging happens Friday, and the winners will be unveiled at the Harbourfront at 6:30 pm.

Which one of these 2018 sculptures would you vote for?

1 - Walleye

2 - Headdress


4 - Boats of Lake of the Woods

5 - Canoeist, Lumberjack, Hockey Player and Angler

6 - Train

7 - Cocoa Booth

This one will be a great photo opp!

I wouldn't want to be a judge in this competition! They are all fantastic.

Ever wonder how they carve these sculptures? Well, you can't use motorized tools, but you can use a variety of items including a masher, saw, shovel, grater, and a screen!

Maybe next year you can make one too!

Check out these past snow sculptures:

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