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Al Lindner Talks Canadian Fishing

Al Lindner with a Sunset Country Bass • Credit: Jeremy Smith
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Al Lindner Talks Canadian Fishing

Sunset Country in Ontario is his Dream Destination

Al Lindner is a true pioneer in freshwater fishing. In this article, he discusses why he loves fishing the waters of Sunset Country in Northwestern Ontario.

Fishing the Northwest Ontario Wilderness

Editor's Note: Co-inventor of the legenday lindy rig walleye lure, co-founder of In-Fisherman Magazine, and Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame Inductee Al Lindner knows the way big fish think. In this exclusive article, Al shares some information about places to stay, where the fish are and what to see and do - gain insight from the thousands of hours Al has spent fishing the waters of Northwest Ontario.

Muskie fishing in Ontario's NorthwestMuskie fishing in Ontario's Northwest

Boasting thousands of lakes and rivers teeming with fish, Northwest Ontario is home to some of the finest angling opportunities on earth. Many are drive-to locations where you can trailer in your own boat and a truckload of gear. Others are remote, boat-in or fly-in destinations where outfitters provide all the essentials, and you need only bring a small complement of essential fishing tackle to enjoy your visit. Lodging packages range from deluxe American Plan options with furnished meals, fishing guides and luxurious lodge facilities; to bare-bones outpost tents or cabins where you provide and cook your own food, and fish in self-guide boats. Whatever type of experience you prefer, Northwest Ontario has it all.

Jeff Gustafson with an awesome Northwest Ontario laker!Jeff Gustafson with an awesome Northwest Ontario laker!

In most cases, fishing pressure ranges from light to almost non-existent, due to the vast waterscape, broken by networks of pine-studded granite islands. Even on popular lakes lying nearer to civilization, there's plenty of room to spread out and catch fish of all species in solitude, far from the fast-paced world left just a few hours behind. And on many fly-in waters, you'll actually have the lake all to yourself for the duration of your visit.

Northwest Ontario's scenic beauty is also something to marvel at!Northwest Ontario's scenic beauty is also something to marvel at!

To me, it's always about fishing, first and foremost. And I find that Northwest Ontario offers perhaps the finest multi-species trophy fishing on earth. Not just for one species, but for many. Fish the right waters, and it's possible to catch walleyes, pike, smallmouths and even muskies on the same trip. On others, you can also tie into lake trout, brook trout, largemouth bass, and even crappies. It all depends where you go and what the lakes offer. Actually, check out this video we did on catching bass in typical Canadian waters.

Northwest Ontario has the best walleye fishing on the planet!Northwest Ontario has the best walleye fishing on the planet!

Choices abound. Just look at the map, and you'll see that all of Northwest Ontario is a vast network of flowing water, with an astounding number of lakes, large and flow, connected by rivers and streams, all flowing northward toward Hudson Bay. Current flow at river mouths and narrows in a universal fishing hotspot for nearly all species, and if you fish no more than that simple pattern, you're gonna get bit, even if you're a fishing novice. Of course, if you spread out and explore other options—bays, islands, weed beds, points, rock reefs, deep humps—you'll discover a wide array of other fishing patterns and options. I love tackling the challenge on my own, with co-workers, family, and friends aboard. You may prefer letting a trained fishing guide put you on proven hot spots. In most cases, you can tailor the experience to your own desires.

There's nothing quite like a walleye shorelunch!There's nothing quite like a walleye shore lunch!

In effect, I'd sum it all up as outstanding fishing relatively close to home, complemented by whatever degree of adventure you and your fishing companions prefer. Northwest Ontario offers an ideal escape from the pressures of everyday life, at whatever budget level lies within your comfort zone. It's more of an investment in enjoying fishing as it should be, rather than simply justifying the cost of a vacation. Because, in the end, the opportunities and enjoyment are priceless.

Book your trip today! You can do so by visiting the Sunset Country website.

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