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Am I Seeing Double?

Surreal reflection on Long Lake • Credit: Robert E. Wilson
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Am I Seeing Double?

Reflection photos that will blow you away!

A nice calm day + Sunset Country = a fantastic photo op.


One thing for sure is that everyone loves a good sunset photo. A reflection photo though, rivals the all and mighty sunset photo. With the amount of shoreline in Ontario's Sunset Country, your chance of seeing a beautiful reflection of the Canadian shield and Boreal forest is high.

The following photos are a collection of the best reflection photos in Northwest Ontario that were posted on Facebook this summer.

"The Rock" at Crow Rock Lodge

One of the most talked about posts on the Sunset Country Facebook page this summer was this photo of "the Rock" across from Crow Rock Lodge. What do you see when you look at the photo? Now turn it sideways and look again. You can see many different items from different angles. We heard everything from a cat to a boat to a man lying down to even a helicopter.

The "Rock" at Crow Rock Lodge on Lake of the WoodsThe "Rock" at Crow Rock Lodge on Lake of the Woods Follow Crow Rock Lodge on Facebook

Dryberry Lake on a calm day

With the water like glass, this picture on Dryberry Lake could really be turned upside down and you wouldn't know it. This shoreline is typical of many lakes in Northwest Ontario.

Reflection on Dryberry Lake Reflection on Dryberry Lake

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Rainbow over Douglas Lake

Viking Outposts posted this stunning photo of a rainbow over Douglas Lake near Red Lake, Ontario. I'm thinking that the anglers would likely be lucky in that spot!

Beautiful rainbow over Douglas LakeBeautiful rainbow over Douglas Lake

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Sunset in Balmertown (Red Lake)

Chantal Labonte captured this reflection of a sunset in Balmertown on July 21, 2014. The yellow streak really adds a uniqueness to the photo.

Chantal Labonte captured this sunset in BalmertownChantal Labonte captured this sunset in Balmertown


Reflection at the Red Lake Golf Course

On a calm night, this would be your view of the Red Lake Golf & Country Club on McNeely Bay. This is Ontario's most northerly 18 hole golf course.

Beautiful evening at the Red Lake Golf CourseA beautiful evening at the Red Lake Golf Course

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Unique Reflection on Douglas Lake

Dan Kincaid of Red Lake photographed this scenic photo of Douglas Lake which is west of Red Lake.

Beautiful Douglas LakeBeautiful Douglas Lake 

Reflection over Kashabowie Lake

I'm not sure how I missed this incredible photo that was posted to Sunset Country's wall by Leslie Krieger in July. As I was going through our posts to write this article, I found this great reflection on Kashabowie Lake west of Thunder Bay.

The clouds above Kashabowie Lake make for a great reflectionThe clouds above Kashabowie Lake make for a great reflection

Colourful reflection on Lake of the Woods

Sunsets often give off a great reflection in the water below and this photo is no exception. Even the sun rays are captured in the reflection.

Kenora's Safety Bay lights up at sundown. Kenora's Safety Bay lights up at sundown.

Ontario's Sunset Country photos on Facebook

Are you interested in capturing great reflection photos? I'm not an expert but I've sourced out a few links on how to capture great reflection photos:

If you do have some great reflection photos of Ontario's Sunset Country, we would love to see them on our wall on Facebook.

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