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Big Bass and Lots of Them!

Bass fishing on Rainy Lake in August • Credit: Jeff Gustafson Oudoors
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Big Bass and Lots of Them!

 It's all about the bass, all about the bass.


Sunset Country has many lakes that have both largemouth and smallmouth living in them. The largemouth are found more often in the southern half of Sunset Country in lakes like Rainy Lake, Rowan Lake, Clearwater/Pipestone Chain, Lake of the Woods.

Pound for pound, bass are the feisty fish to catch around here.

Take a look at the following photos for just a small sample of the bass that were caught and released in Northwest Ontario in 2014. 

25" Massive Smallmouth Bass Caught at Cozy Camp

Paula caught this huge smallmouth bass on the English River near Cozy Camp. It was 25" long weighing an estimated 6-6.5 lbs.

25" bass caught at Cozy Camp

Location: Cozy Camp on the English River, Ignace, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.cozycamp.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/cozycamp
Phone: 877-934-6901


19.5" Bass Caught at Ballard's Black Island

Matt Ellerbee caught this feisty 19.5" smallmouth bass in June near Painted Rock Island on Lake of the Woods while staying at Ballard's Black Island.

19.5" bass caught at Black Island Resort

Location: Ballard's Black Island on Lake of the Woods, Morson, Ontario, Canada
Website: blackisland.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ballards-Black-Island
Phone: 218-634-1996


18.5" Bass Caught at Fletcher Lake Lodge

Corey from Saskatchewan with an 18.5 inch bass at Fletcher Lake Lodge, a fly-in lodge about 50-60 air miles north of Kenora, Ontario.

18.5" bass caught at Fletcher Lake Lodge

Location: Fletcher Lake Lodge on Fletcher Lake, north of Kenora, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.fletcherlake.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/Fletcher-Lake-Lodge
Phone: 807-224-3400 (S) or 218-386-1538 (W)


Gorgeous Smallmouth Caught at Woman River Camp

Alex, a guest at Woman River Camp, caught and released this beautiful bass on the Woman River Chain of Lakes in mid-August.

 Beautiful bass caught at Woman River Camp

Location: Woman River Camp on the Woman River Chain of Lakes, Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.womanriver.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/womanriver
Phone: 866-347-4972


20.5" Bass Caught at the Outpost Company

Anthony from South Carolina caught this big bass measuring in at 20.5" and weighing 5 lbs. He was staying at the Outpost Company which flies guests to their fly-in only outposts from Minaki.

20.5" bass caught at the Outpost Company

Location: The Outpost Company - 12 remote lakes north of Minaki, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.outpostcompany.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/Halleys-Camps
Phone: 800-465-3325


Nice Largemouth Bass Caught by Jeff Gustafson

This big bass was caught on by Jeff Gustafson on Lake of the Woods - a few days after the KBI Fishing Tournament. It would have definitely helped his weigh-in!

Large mouth bass caught on Lake of the Woods 

Location: Jeff Gustafson Outdoors, Northwest Ontario Lakes, Canada
Website: www.gussyoutdoors.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/gussyoutdoors
Phone: 807-466-7102


Big Bass Caught at First Nation Guide Service

Nice bass caught on Lake of the Woods with First Nation Guide Service.

Nice bass caught with First Nation Guide Service

Location: First Nation Guide Service on Lake of the Woods, Nestor Falls, Canada
Website: www.firstnationguides.com or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aulneau-Peninsula 
Phone: 807-484-2969


Visit our website for more information on bass fishing in NW Ontario.


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