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Access Remote Fishing Without Flying

Boats can take you to places cars cannot • Credit: Gerry Cariou
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Access Remote Fishing Without Flying

Boat-in Fishing in Ontario's Sunset Country

Let's face it, some people just don't like flying. A boat-in fishing outpost offers remote fishing without ever needing to board a plane.

For some of us, the thought of flying instils a fear that we just can't overcome. While I'm lucky enough not to be in this category, some people are—and for them, accessing a remote fishing location may, at first, seem impossible. I have good news for you: in Ontario's Sunset Country our vast number of lakes—many interconnected —offer anglers the opportunity to boat-in to a remote fishing location that has the look and feel of a fly-in outpost. 

Several of our member outfitters offer their guests a remote fishing experience that can be accessed by boat. These remote outposts can often take a bit of a boat ride to get to, but in the end you'll find yourself in a far-off location on a lake where other anglers don't usually go—and where the quality of the fishing is second to none. 

Advantages of a Boat-in Outpost

There are several advantages to choosing a boat-in outpost including:

  • You can bring your own boat. No learning new boats or compromising the fishing system and set-up that your own boat allows you to follow.
  • You can bring more stuff. Unlike a plane that has strict weight limits, boats offer you the ability to bring in more gear than you could on a fly-in trip.
  • Nothing to fear. For all of you that suffer from aviophobia don't worry, a boat in outpost is the answer to your prayers to go on a remote fishing trip.
  • Weatherproofing. In most cases, bad weather that would ground a plane (like a low cloud ceiling) will not prevent a boat from going out on the water. 
  • Affordability. Because the cost of a flight in to and out of the outpost is not part of the price, a boat-in outpost is more affordable than a fly-in trip.
  • Remoteness. People go to a boat-in outpost to get away from the busier activity at a traditional drive-in lodge.

These advantages are real and meaningful and, again, you get that same quality of fishing and remote feel without having to board an airplane. 

Booking a Trip to a Boat-in Outpost

It's easy to book a trip to a remote boat-in outpost in Ontario's Sunset Country. Below is a list of our members that have boat-in outpost cabins. Contact one of them and they'd be happy to help you set up a trip.

Boat-in Outposts in Sunset Country

Aulneau Penisula Outposts - Lake of the Woods

Manitou Weather Station - Lower Manitou Lake

Brown's Clearwater West Lodge - Clearwater West Lake

Canada North Lodge - Woman River

Cobblestone Lodge - Godden Lake

Cozy Camp - English River System

Dogtooth Lake Resort - Direct Lake

Frog Rapids Camp - Marchington Lake

Ghost River Lodges - Marchington Lake

Goose Bay Camp - Nungesser Lake

Halley's Camps - Umfreville Lake

Stanley's West Arm Resort - Eagle Lake - West Arm

Totem Resorts - Lake of the Woods

Williams Lake Lodge - Lac Seul/Williams 

Woman River Camp - Woman River/Confederation Lake

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