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Eagle Lake: a Jewel in the Heart of Sunset Country

Muskie caught on Eagle Lake • Credit: Andy Myers Lodge
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Eagle Lake: a Jewel in the Heart of Sunset Country

68,000 acres, 70 miles and 400 islands

Anglers fishing Eagle Lake continue to come back year after year because of the vast variety of fish.

Eagle Lake is near Vermilion Bay and Dryden, Ontario in the heart of Sunset Country. Eagle Lake is an awesome fishing destination that is 68,000 acres in size and 70 miles long, with over 400 islands. Anglers fishing the lake always continue to come back because of the vast variety of fishing. Regular anglers of Eagle Lake are always wondering if it's possible to catch a bigger fish than the previous trip! Eagle Lake is one of the largest lakes in Northwestern, Ontario and that means large fish! Muskie the size of 50 to 55 inches have been caught on Eagle Lake and large walleye as big as 30 inches. Fishermen are catching 15 to 40 walleye in an average day.

Anglers always enjoy the good bass fishing and with the bass ranging from around 3-7 pounds, it's a great time! The trout and northern pike fishing is also fantastic, with northern pike weighing in the 15-25 pound range. Any local or visitor to Eagle Lake will tell you, the fish bite all day long!

Eagle Lake AerialBeautiful Eagle Lake

The lake itself is worth the trip. It is scenically beautiful and a great place to take lots of great photos well your time spent out on the water. Eagles, loons, black bear, otter, beaver, and whitetail deer are some of the creatures living in the area and can be seen in forays on the lake. There even a chance to see moose, owls, and wolves in the boreal forest. 

Family Fishing vacations on Eagle LakeFamily vacation at Andy Myers Lodge on Eagle Lake

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