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The Mighty English River System

A nice walleye on Unexpected Lake on the English River System • Credit: Canada Outfitters
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The Mighty English River System

A Trophy Fishing Factory

Here at the office, we're often asked "What lodges are on the English River?" Well, it depends on where you want to go. The English River System is massive and stretches almost the entire width of Sunset Country!

The English River System is made up of two parts. The east part of the English River System flows from near Ignace and into Lac Seul. The west end is made up of the waters that flow from Lac Seul into the English River and eventually into Tetu Lake where it meets up with the Winnipeg River System. It's 615 km (382 mi) long. Vermilion and Wabigoon Rivers are just two of its tributaries. 

It's also full of fish! The English River System is one of the best fisheries in Ontario. Here you can fish for trophy walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, and muskie.

Cozy Camp's Talking Falls outpost cabin where the English River and Gulliver River Systems meet. Photo: Cozy Camp

What makes river fishing so good? There are plenty of narrows and stream inflows and outflows. Fish and baitfish will gather in these "funnels." Inflows and outflows often have weeds near the mouth. Try fishing right at nearby the drop-offs. There are also many rapids and waterfalls to fish, and they can often be found where the water slows down, such as directly after some rapids. With a river system so big, there’s also little fishing pressure. The moving water helps to keep the fishery healthy.

The fishing is incredible on the English River System and there's a variety of lodging. Try a fly-in American Plan Lodge, drive-in family lodge, a remote fishing camp, or pretty much anything you want!

Delaney Lake Lodge guests fish Delaney Lake and the English River.

East English River System

The English River starts near the small settlement of English River which was a Hudson's Bay Company Trading Post between 1894 and 1911. It is located where Highway 17 crosses the English River at its confluence with the Scotch River.

The English River flows northwest through Barrel Lake, Press Lake, and the Minnitaki Lake Chain before passing Sioux Lookout and Kejick Bay/Lac Seul First Nation then entering Lac Seul. 

East English River Provincial Park runs from the outlet of Indian Lake to Minnitaki Lake and includes Barrel and Press Lake. The northern extent of its range is filled with white pines along the river system, you will also find white elm and burr oak, caribou habitat and calving locations, world-class fisheries and archaeological sites. It is a non-operating park and is classified as a waterway. 

Lodging on the East English River System:

Cozy Camp
A housekeeping camp, campground & outpost on the English River near Ignace. - 877- 934-6901

Fishing on the English River with Cozy Camp

Press Lake Camp
A housekeeping camp on Press Lake - 807-934-6911 (s) or 807-934-6313 (w) 

The Minnitaki Lake Chain, just before you get to Lac Seul has five connecting lakes. Read about the accommodations on the lake chain in this article

West English River System

The Town of Ear Falls is located on the east end of Lac Seul where it meets the English River. A dam separates Lac Seul and the English River. The river system continues to flow southwest through lakes such as Camping, Barnston, Wegg, Oak, Goose, Wilcox, Maynard, Tide, Indian, Delaney, Lount, Separation, One Man and Umfreville Lakes until the mouth of the English River System - Tetu Lake. 

OPG's Ear Falls and Lac Seul Generating Stations in northwest Ontario.

Lodging on the West English River System:

English River Inn
Cozy county B&B along the English River in Ear Falls. 807-728-2104

Timberlane Lodge
Drive-to housekeeping lodge where Lac Seul meets the English River in Ear Falls. 866-974-3131

Canada Outfitters
Fly-in outpost cabins on lakes such as Unexpected Lake. 807-543-3113 or 807-464-0876 (cell)  

Maynard Lake Lodge
Fly-in American Plan lodge 807-925-9000 (s) or 807-548-3030 (w)     

Josh's massive muskie caught on Maynard Lake!

Big North Lodge’s Roger Lake Outpost
Fly-in outpost cabin on Roger Lake 807-224-4318 or 800-387-3577

Delaney Lake Lodge
Full-service fly-in fishing lodge located 41 air miles north of Kenora. 800-401-9281 or 807-4007-1073 (s)

Excellent Adventures
Fly-in mini lodge on Lount Lake. 807-662-5292  

A sample of Nestor Falls fly-in outposts on Lount Lake on the English River:

Nestor Falls Fly-in Outposts
Fly-in Outpost cabin (sleeps 8) on Lount Lake. 877-653-1524 

Halley’s Camps
Your choice of two all-inclusive lodges, a drive-in housekeeping lodge or boat-in outpost all near Minaki. 800-465-3325 

Fishing One Man Lake, part of the English River System. Photo: Halley's Camps

For more information on Lac Seul and to see a map of lodges on Lac Seul, visit 10 Facts About Lac Seul.

Sunset Country prints a great map with many, many outfitters in the area dotted on the map. You can order the map and free travel guide and we'll mail it right to you! The English River System will not disappoint!

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