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Moor at a Different Beach Each Night

Pull up to a different secluded beach each night. • Credit: Erin Rody
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Moor at a Different Beach Each Night

Nothing quite like a houseboat vacation

On a houseboat, you have accommodations that float, offering tremendous flexibility for your outdoor adventure on the water.

Houseboating is a great way to experience Lake of the Woods

A couple of summers ago, my father-in-law, who lives in Toronto called to invite us on a houseboat trip on Lake of the Woods. Having grown up on the north end of Lake of the Woods, I had always wanted to rent a houseboat but somehow never got around to it. So my first response was ABSOLUTELY. In the end, there were 7 of us - 5 adults and a 1.5 and 11-year-old. What a trip we had!

This was a fabulous place near Sioux Narrows to moor the houseboat This was a fabulous place near Sioux Narrows to moor the houseboat

We rented a houseboat from Lake of the Woods Houseboats (who now have unfortunately sold off their houseboats are now just a campground) in Sioux Narrows and spent the next four days and three nights aboard a huge houseboat touring the lake. Some people like to stay moored in one spot, but our objective was to explore the lake. Each day we cruised the lake to a new destination. If we saw a beach, we stopped. There are many places on Lake of the Woods to moor your houseboat. My favourite by far was the last night and actually the closest to Sioux Narrows. We pulled into a sheltered beach and once we got out to explore, we realized the beach where we parked was maybe 30' deep and had water on the other side as well. It was so cool. There ended up being a beach, a wooded area to explore and a rocky area that was great to explore and fish off of. We were treated to the best sunset that evening.

Beautiful sunset on Lake of the WoodsBeautiful sunset on Lake of the Woods 

Before renting a houseboat, I thought I might get claustrophobic, being cooped up in a small space. However, the houseboat was huge and it was like I had the world to explore. While we were cruising we were either inside playing or making a meal or up on top of the houseboat enjoying the scenery. Once we stopped we either explored the area, enjoyed the beach, went for a swim or fished off the back. We also took along a boat so that we could go fishing, tubing or water skiing. I wish I had a video of myself tubing, it was quite something to see. Lots of screaming going on!!!

Houseboat trips are a great idea for a family vacation

All in all, it was four days with friends, family, and the lake.  It was an awesome experience. I wish I could do it every year. There are many different houseboat sizes available and If you get a bunch of people together, the cost is quite reasonable. 

There are a few other lakes where you can rent a houseboat in Sunset Country: Lac Seul, Rainy Lake, and Dog Lake. All of these lakes offer the chance to explore our wilderness on your houseboat adventure

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