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Renewing Your Ontario Outdoors Card or Ontario Fishing Licence

Itching to get back out fishing? Remember to renew your Outdoors Card and Fishing Licence. • Credit: Erin Rody
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Renewing Your Ontario Outdoors Card or Ontario Fishing Licence

Is your licence current?

Residents and Non-Residents of Canada can easily get or renew their Outdoors Card and fishing licence online.

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Renewing or buying an Ontario Fishing Licence and Outdoors Card has never been easier!

I was going through my wallet the other day and realized my Outdoors Card, probably like many of yours, expires December 31. In order to fish or hunt in Ontario, everyone needs this card. Luckily, Outdoors Cards last for three years so you don't have to get one each year. I usually also purchase a three-year fishing licence at the same time so I'm not having to remember to buy a new one each year. 

Is yours due? 

You can now buy your outdoors card and fishing licence online, making it so much easier by getting it done before you head out to your fishing trip in Sunset Country.

In order to buy a fishing licence, you must first buy an Ontario Outdoors card. You can do this

Since it is so easy to do online and people like to be prepared in advance, many outfitters do not sell them at their lodges anymore. If you cannot buy one online, please check with your outfitter if they sell fishing licences. If they don't you'll have to stop at a nearby Bait or Tackle Shop that sells them, Canadian Tire, or at a ServiceOntario office.

For your Outdoors Card, you'll need your first and last name, date of birth, mailing and residential address, as well as height and eye colour. 

Huge northern pike caught at Old Post LodgeHuge northern pike caught at Old Post Lodge

To buy your Ontario fishing licence, you can:

Licence fees vary for Ontario residents, Canadian residents and Non-Canadian residents

Ontario and Canadian residents can purchase a 3-year or 1-year sport fishing licence, a 3-year or 1-year conservation fishing licence, or a 1-day* sport fishing licence.

Non-Canadian residents can purchase a 3-year, 1-year or 8-day sport fishing licence, a 3-year, 1-year or 8-day conservation fishing licence, or a 1-day* sport fishing licence.

*A one day fishing licence does not require an Ontario Outdoors Card.

For more information, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has a list of frequently asked questions and information on fishing limits, size restrictions and catch and release on their website. In most cases a Conservation Licence allows you to catch and possess half the number of fish as the Sport Fishing Licence.

Download or view the Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary online on the Government of Ontario website for more information on the lake you'll be fishing.

If you are hunting in Ontario, there is a separate Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary that you can download online as well. You will also need a hunting version outdoors card and all required licences, tags and/or seals for the game you wish to hunt. Click here to find out more information on Hunting in Ontario.

If you haven't decided yet on where in Ontario to go fishing or if you want more information on Northwest Ontario, order the free Ontario Sunset Country Travel Guide & Fishing Map to help you decide. 

Tight lines and enjoy your Ontario fishing trip!

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