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Want to Scratch Landing a Big Muskie Off Your Bucket List?

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Want to Scratch Landing a Big Muskie Off Your Bucket List?

Big muskie caught in late fall • Credit: Jeremy Smith, Angling Edge

Use These Pro Tips

Northwest Ontario has more opportunity for numbers and size of muskies than anywhere else we’ve fished.

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Here at Angling Edge, we’ve got a crew of anglers that love fishing for anything that’s biting. We take advantage of the hottest bites going whether it’s crappies, bass, walleyes, pike, muskies, carp, cats, you name it we’ll fish for it. That said, many of us love to chase big fish, and no place is better for freshwater big game than Northwest Ontario

When thinking big fish in NW Ontario, muskies rise to the top. NW Ontario has more opportunity for numbers and size of muskies than anywhere else we’ve fished. The amount of water and fishable habitat is immense, so it’s important to be deliberate and efficient with your approach. Here’s how we break down water to develop a pattern to catch muskies. 

Begin by finding a complex area that offers a variety of habitat types. Look for something like this: an island cluster near shore that offers big water access, a rock reef nearby, a shallow weed by in close proximity and shallow water with weeds, boulders or broken rock between the islands. Comb through the entire complex and observe where you see bait or muskies. From there look for similar habitat types and refine the search. 

In the warm water period, my go-to presentation is a fast moving in-line spinner. The favorite being the Blue Fox Super Bou with #8 blades. Often times the faster you move the bait the more responsive the fish are to the presentation. It’s almost like topwater fishing, the bait is moving very quickly bulging the surface and you see most of the strikes. This style of fishing is fast, efficient and triggers active fish. The idea is to cover as much water as possible looking for willing biters. Also, in Canadian waters the number of fish that bite boat side is incredible. A big O or 8 at the boat is mandatory, even when you don’t see a fish following. 

Regardless of your approach, the real secret to success in muskie fishing is confidence. I always try to tell myself that a split second can make your day, trip or season. Of course, muskies can be anywhere at any time, but if you keep casting and have confidence in your system, eventually it all comes together. 

Visit the Sunset Country website to plan a muskie fishing trip or to find out more about muskie fishing in Ontario.

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