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Self Isolation Nation

Fly into an outpost cabin where you're the only cabin on the lake. • Credit: Erin Rody
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Self Isolation Nation

When you’re allowed to explore this is where you should go

Update: Here we are two years later in 2022 - the border is open to all vaccinated travelers and you no longer need a negative covid test to enter the Country. What we do still need though, is a nice quiet place in the wilderness to get away from it all! 


2020 has certainly been an interesting year, to say the least! In Canada, especially in Northwest Ontario, we are fortunate to have so much wilderness that surrounds our small communities. There are 70,000 lakes and rivers in Sunset Country alone! As I speak, the US/Canada border is closed, which is kind of ironic because many Americans have booked their vacations to come up to the north to escape the hustle and bustle and be in a remote location and yet they can't actually come here yet. 

There are plenty of bald eagles to see

However, when it's safe to do so, the Canadian wilderness is a wonderful place to relax and self isolate on the water in the middle of the lake. Throw in a line forget the world problems and just concentrate on landing a fish (or several!)

There are many places to get away from it all in Ontario's Sunset Country.

One of the best options is to fly into a remote outpost camp where you're the only one on the lake! It's just you and the fish and the wildlife you may see. Be it a moose at the shoreline or a loon calling out or a bear swimming by, the opportunity for seeing some wildlife is high.

Most remote outpost camps are fly-in only, but there are some boat-to outpost camps if you don't like to fly.

Find the perfect outpost for you here. You can search "fly-in" or "boat-in" under the amenities search bar on the accommodation finder.

Another great option is housekeeping cabin rentals. These are self-contained cabins at a lodge where they have a fully-equipped kitchen, dining area, bedrooms and a living room. You can find a cabin rental here. Once on the page, you can search cabin rentals by access type (i.e. fly-in, drive-in, boat-in etc. and search by other criteria as well. 

Not sure what you're looking for? Go to the Places to Stay page on visitsunsetcountry.com.

Ontario's Sunset Country is a great place to be. See you when it's safe to do so. #DreamON



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