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Sioux Narrows Provincial Park

Beautiful white pines dot the Sioux Narrows Provicial Park • Credit: Erin Rody
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Sioux Narrows Provincial Park

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Sioux Narrows Park on Lake of the Woods is a secluded, small park with great personal service.

The Sioux Narrows Provincial Park which is run by the Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls is a jewel hidden right off Highway 71 just north of Sioux Narrows. I was fortunate to be able to camp there a couple of summers ago. We camped during the week, and the campground was busy but not so much that it felt crowded. Park Supervisor Beverly-Ann greeted us when we checked in with her very friendly attitude and wonderful smile. It was a face we would see often for the rest of our stay.

There are lots of wooded areas and campsites in the parkThere are lots of wooded areas and campsites in the park

The park itself is set within huge towering white pine trees. The Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls area is home to many of the largest, most beautiful trees in Northwest Ontario. Many of the campsites are secluded, nestled in the trees. We had 4 groups camping together and chose the more open campsites so we could all hang out together.

Sioux Narrows Park Walk-in campsites on Lake of the WoodsSioux Narrows Park Walk-in campsites on Lake of the Woods

If you are looking for a more private location and are using a tent, consider the walk-in campsites along Lake of the Woods. There are 8 campsites that are roughly 20-50 metres from where your car is parked. They are beautiful campsites right on the lake, while they can be windy, I imagine it would feel great on a hot day as well as keep the mosquitoes away.

The group campsite at Sioux Narrows Park has a great location on the lakeThe group campsite at Sioux Narrows Park has a great location on the lake

The larger of the two group campsites really piqued my interest. While it is not electrical, it can fit 30-40 people and is on a point right on the lake. It has a large fire pit, a beach and docking as well as a large grass area.

The beach at the Sioux Narrows Park is beautful, even in high watersThe beach at the Sioux Narrows Park is beautiful, even in high waters

The kids really enjoyed the beach. The water was extremely high but there was still room to make sand castles and you could walk quite a ways out on the sand. I suggest driving your car to the beach parking lot, pack a lunch and stay for a while. When not biking, the kids mostly wanted to swim so we spent a lot of time at the beach. Close to the beach area is a small playground and a huge green space and covered BBQ area.

Paddle boarding the clear water on Regina Bay, Lake of the WoodsPaddleboarding the clear water on Regina Bay, Lake of the Woods

Besides swimming and bike riding, there's some nature trails, great fishing on Lake of the Woods, or you can rent a canoe. There's a boat launch but parking is limited.

I'd definitely go back to the Sioux Narrows Provincial Park. It was fairly quiet, beautiful, but most of all I really liked the service. The Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls also runs the Caliper Lake Provincial Park in Nestor Falls. They came by every day to ask if we needed firewood or ice. The ice bags were huge and were a much-needed purchase (and appreciated) on a hot day. Anything we needed, they were sure to help.

For more information, visit the Sioux Narrows Provincial Park website or go to the reservation page to reserve a campsite online. To see which campsites are available at the Sioux Narrows Park, visit their interactive map and click on the green dot on the map to see available campsites.

If you're looking for a quiet park with friendly service, great fishing and beautiful campsites, try the Sioux Narrows Provincial Park, you won't be disappointed.

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