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A Bird's Eye View of Sunset Country

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A Bird's Eye View of Sunset Country

Lifting off with Smooth Sailing Parasailing in Kenora

Parasailing experience like no other

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You don't have to go to Mexico to go parasailing! Try Smooth Sailing Parasailing in Kenora to get a great view of Lake of the Woods.

Editor's Note: The owner of Smooth Sailing has unfortunately moved away from the area and is no longer offering parasailing. 

Since opening in Kenora, Ontario in 2013, Smooth Sailing Parasailing has been taking adventure seekers up for a bird's eye view of Lake of the Woods. Seeing the colorful parasail wing while out boating on the lake intrigued me for the last 2 summers. I have parasailed in Mexico and really enjoyed it. Unlike in Mexico where we went off the beach, Smooth Sailing slowly raises you right from a platform on the boat. All the islands on Lake of the Woods make for a beautiful sight and I actually enjoyed parasailing in Kenora more than over the bright blue oceans in Mexico.

When you go tandum, the first person is in front of the other. When you go tandem, the first person is in front of the other.

My daughter really wanted to go parasailing, but at her age, she had to go tandem. I was happy to oblige her wish. Since it was their last weekend open for this summer, the normal $75 fee was discounted to $50. Let me tell you it was well worth the money!

We met Jamie Valente, owner of Smooth Sailing at Anicinabe Park. It was a beautiful sunny day as we headed out on Lake of the Woods. Not far from shore we got our harnesses on and were ready to go. I was told if my daughter was scared that I could wave and they would bring us down and I could go back up myself. But it was me I was worried about, not her. I was confident she would have no problem, I, on the other hand, am afraid of heights.

We are high above Lake of the Woods!We are high above Lake of the Woods!

As anxious as I was, once you start rising and get a view of Lake of the Woods from the air, all your anxieties fade away. Well, truthfully did I hold on for dear life my whole ride, but I loved it at the same time. My adventurous daughter was not concerned at all and was looking all around and waving to her little sister in the boat below.

We headed out towards Keewatin, past Coney Island and the Discovery Centre. It took me a while to figure out where we were. The lake looks so different from up above! Nearing the end of the ride, they brought us in for a 'toe touch' and then brought us back up again to enjoy a little more of the view before reeling us back to the boat.

Coming down for a quick 'toe touch' before heading back up again.Coming down for a quick 'toe touch' before heading back up again.

I highly recommend Parasailing whether you are a local looking for some fun or a visiting tourist. The view of Lake of the Woods is amazing. 

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In Sunset Country, you'll find the best fishing in the world.

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