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Spring Fishing for Northern Pike

Huge northern caught at Five Lakes Lodge just after the spawn.
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Spring Fishing for Northern Pike

Can you say big?

Just after the northern pike have spawned, they come out of the bays and they are hungry!!

The last week at Five Lakes Lodge in Red Lake has been phenomenal! At least that's what the fishermen out on the Gullrock Chain of Lakes have been saying, and judging by these photos, they aren't exaggerating.

The northern pike fishing started a bit slow after they got an unexpected dump of snow and some cooler weather. A few days later though, the weather warmed back up and the pike fishing took off!

Nice northern pike caught & released at Five Lakes Lodge!

One group had a personal best with 10 northern pikes over 40 inches caught and released. 

One of the reasons that the fishing is so great for pike in the Spring is that the northern pike head into the shallow bays to spawn. Once they are done spawning, they venture out of those bays and are ready to eat! 

They're nicknamed gators for a reason!!

Five Lakes Lodge is located on the Gullrock Chain of Lakes just south of Red Lake. The lodge is located near a river so the water opens up a bit quicker there than the rest of the lake. The lake chain includes Gullrock, Red, Keg, Ranger, and Two Island lakes, plus there's the Chukuni River.

Five Lakes Lodge practices catch and release on all trophies. Any northern pike over 27.5" or walleye over 18" goes back in the lake. Releasing the big ones means that the Gullrock Chain's fishery is now a haven for huge fish!

When the pike are done spawning and are still shallow, anglers often target pike with a slow retrieve with crank baits or bobber fishing with frozen ciscos or live sucker minnows. As they go deeper, fishermen will start casting for pike. 

The water is around 53 degrees and the fish are about to move out deeper soon. As of this Saturday (opening of the walleye season), anglers will also be after the walleyes which have just spawned.

The walleye bite is on next!

To find out more about Five Lakes Lodge:

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