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The Grind: a heart-stopping fishing film

Chris Pfohl retrieves his cast on Lac Seul. Photo by Rob Howsam/Vantage Point Media House • Credit: Rob Howsam of Vantage Point Media House
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The Grind: a heart-stopping fishing film

Fly Fishing for Muskie on Lac Seul: Not for the Faint of Heart

We had the chance to interview the cast and production team of the fly fishing film that's taking the muskie world by a storm, The Grind.

There's not much you can say about muskie that hasn't already been said. They are an apex predator and they know it. Those who muskie fish realize it's not an easy game to play with conventional gear, but if you ever wanted to elevate an already intense species of fish, you can target them by chucking massive flies.

Which is just what Michael McNaught did—while also collecting an impressive library of muskie eats, misses, and losses from a first-hand perspective. Teaming up with Vantage Point Media House out of Belleville, Ontario, McNaught has now made multiple trips up to Ontario's Sunset Country pursuing the famous, and sometimes infamous, Lac Seul behemoths—and captured the whole thing in an amazing short film.

You can scroll down to watch the full length film below, or if you've seen it already, have a listen to the interview we conducted with Nick Pujic and Rob Howsam of Vantage Point Media House, as well as anglers featured in the film, Michael McNaught and Chris Pfohl. 

The Interview: 

Audio interview with the makers and anglers of The Grind. 

Watch the Full Film Here: 

You can watch the full length film we've added to this article below. Once you're done you can also watch The Pursuit at the end of the article, an International Fly Fishing Film Festival film produced by Vantage Point Media House and McNaught back in 2016. 

Full of heart-stopping strikes and beautiful scenery, you can't help but appreciate the lore of muskies and the bodies of water they are found in. After watching the film, you'll also be reminded that every single cast could be the cast and to keep working your way towards that next eat. 

Anderson's Lodge docks on Lac Seul. Photo by Rob Howsam of Vantage Point Media House 

In the interview, we speak about how the film came to life as the years between it and a similar film by VPMH, The Pursuit, were spent building new footage. You can watch The Pursuit below as well. 

The guys go into detail on each of their most memorable moments, their challenges along the way, some blunders that didn't make the cut, and how traveling to the lodge was just as big of an adventure. When asked if they'd do it again? The short answer: Absolutely. 

If you're a fan of beautiful cinematography and epic eats, you should probably watch the video above. 

The Pursuit Full Film:  

Big thanks to the guys at Vantage Point Media House and Mike and Chris for sitting down to conduct the interview! 

If you want to learn more about muskie fishing and lodges that offer muskie in Ontario's Sunset Country, you can head to our website here, or give us a call toll free at 1-800-665-7567.

Fly fishing can be an effective way to target muskie in Sunset Country, and lodges here welcome fly anglers, however it isn't for the faint of heart. But if you want to experience true adrenaline, we highly recommend it! 

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