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Trophy Lake Trout Caught in 2014!

Crissy caught this approx. 25lb trout on Lake of the Woods • Credit: Totem Resorts
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Trophy Lake Trout Caught in 2014!

Our clear cold Canadian lakes are ideal habitats for huge lakers!


Ontario boasts nearly 25% of the world's lake trout population. Lakers are found on many of the lakes in Ontario's Sunset Country. Lake trout like to swim in water temperatures around 52-53F or colder so how you'll be fishing for lakers depends on the on the time of the year.

In early summer and the last half of September, they are often found in shallow water and are fun to cast spoons and plugs at. You can troll a lure just under the surface of the water and catch lake trout.

In summer when the water warms the trout go much deeper and are often caught using downriggers. In the winter trout is often a favourite of the ice fisherman. Trout season starts January 1.

Lake trout can live a long time and it's important to release all trophy fish back into the water.

Here are some of the biggest lakers I have seen. They have all been caught and released.

36.25" Lake Trout Caught at Sydney Lake Lodge

Analisa Feldner caught this massive 36.25" lake trout on May 29, 2014 at Sydney Lake Lodge. Great job Analisa!

36.25" lake trout caught at Sydney Lake Lodge

Location: Sydney Lake Lodge on Sydney Lake, Woodland Caribou Wilderness Park, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.sydneylake.com
Phone: 800-437-9937


41.5" Lake Trout Caught at Wine Lake Camp

Spencer Logemann from Omaha, NE caught and released this 41.5" Lake Trout on August 20, 2014 on Wine Lake. Spencer travels with a group of dedicated fishing buddies each year to Wine Lake Camp, a remote, boat-in resort. They are always successful finding some large lakers deep in the thermal cline of Wine Lake.

41.5" lake trout caught at Wine Lake Camp

Location: Wine Lake Camp on Wine Lake, Perrault Falls, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.winelakecamp.com
Phone: 807-222-3500 (S) (9am-9pm) or 303-642-0875 (W)


28" Lake Trout Caught at Anderson's Lodge

Kelly Haskett caught a nice 28" lake trout June 7, 2014 on Big Vermilion lake in Sioux Lookout while fishing with a guide at Anderson's Lodge.

28" lake trout caught at Anderson's Lodge

Location: Anderson's Lodge on Abram Lake and Lac Seul, Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada
Website: andersonslodge.com  or Facebook: www.facebook.com/AndersonsLdg
Phone: 800-465-1098


28lb Lake Trout Caught at Cedar Point Lodge

Marge Williams caught this huge 28 lb lake trout June 14, 2014 in the West Arm of Eagle Lake at Cedar Point Lodge. Marge released the trout after pictures were taken.

28lb trout caught at Cedar Point Lodge

Location: Cedar Point Lodge on Eagle Lake, Waldhof, Ontario, Canada
Website: cedarpointlodge.com  or Facebook: www.facebook.com/Cedar-Point-Lodge
Phone: 807-227-2066 or 888-722-4610


Visit www.ontariotroutfishing.ca if you'd like to know more about walleye fishing in Ontario.


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