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Big Walleye in Sunset Country

Kelly Haskett caught this 27" walleye on Lac Seul opening weekend • Credit: Anderson's Lodge
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Big Walleye in Sunset Country

There are lots of 24" plus fish to be caught and released!

These are some Big walleyes that were caught and released this past year in Ontario's Sunset Country.

Everyone loves to eat walleye, but these big ones were released to live another day to go on to spawn next year. Larger 'eyes don't taste as succulent as the smaller walleye which is great for the fisheries in Northwest Ontario. Thankfully the trend is to release the large ones back into the water. Gone are the days of mounting these trophy walleyes on a wall. Today taxidermists can recreate an exact replica with a photo and some measurements.  

Take a look at these beautiful walleye caught in Ontario in 2014:

31.5" walleye caught at Big Eagle Lodge

Riley Swindell was fishing Eagle Lake at Big Eagle Lodge and caught this beautiful 31.5" walleye. It was about 12 lbs!

31.5" walleye caught at Big Eagle Lodge on Eagle Lake

Location: Big Eagle Lodge, Eagle Lake, Ontario
Website: www.bigeagle.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/bigeaglelodge
Phone: 807-755-2126


28" Walleye Caught at Big North Lodge

Elan Chochinov caught a 28" walleye while fishing on Gun Lake at Big North Lodge. Great catch!

28" walleye fishing at Big North Lodge

Location: Big North Lodge on the Winnipeg River System, Minaki, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.bignorthlodge.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/Big-North-Lodge-Outposts 
Phone: 807-224-4318 or 800-387-3577


32" Walleye Caught at Halley's Camp's Kettle Falls Lodge

Marisa from Minnesota was staying at Halley's Camps Kettle Falls Lodge on the English River when she caught this 31" and 14lb walleye! Kettle Falls is on the western side of the English River consists of countless islands, underwater reefs, weedy bays, and 3 major tributaries: Werner, Winding, and Sturgeon Rivers. 32" walleye caught at Halley's Camps Kettle Falls

Location: Halley's Camps Kettle Falls Lodge, English River, Minaki, Ontario
Website: www.halleyscamps.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/Halleys-Camps
Phone: 800-465-3325 


32" Walleye Caught at Indian Point Camp

Taylor caught this huge 32" walleye at Indian Point Camp on Wabigoon Lake.

32" walleye caught at Indian Point Camp

Location: Indian Point Camp on Wabigoon Lake, Dryden, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.indianpointcamp.com 
Phone: 800-699-9390


32" Walleye caught at Agimac River Outfitters

Michael Lindsley caught and released this beautiful 32 ", 12-pound walleye on Indian Lake at Agimac River Outfitters 18 miles north of  Ignace, Ontario.

32" walleye caught on Indian Lake at Agimac River Outfitters

Location: Agimac River Outfitters on Indian Lake, Ignace, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.agimacriveroutfitters.ca or Facebook: www.facebook.com/Agimac-River-Outfitters/
Phone: 807-934-6922 or 715-203-4848


Nice Walleye caught at Camp Lake St. Joseph

This huge walleye was caught on Lake St. Joseph by Terry Borman who was staying at Camp Lake St. Joseph.

Camp Lake St. Joe walleye fishing

Location: Camp Lake St. Joseph on Lake St. Joe, Pickle Lake, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.lakestjoseph.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/Camp-Lake-St-Joseph
Phone: 800-563-2267


25.5" Walleye Caught With Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rentals

Last September, Tom Sanders was on a houseboat trip with Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rentals when he caught and released this fat 25.5" walleye in Miles Bay on Lake of the Woods.

25.5" walleye caught at Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rentals

Location: Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rentals on Lake of the Woods, Morson, Ontario
Website: www.wildernesshouseboats.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/wildernesshouseboats
Phone: 807-488-5594 or 800-359-6199


28.5 Walleye Caught at Clark's Northern Lights Resort

28.5" walleye (8.1 lbs) walleye caught on Cedar Lake by Mike Rybicki who was staying at Clark's Northern Lights Resort.

28.5" walleye caught at Clark's Norhern Lights Resort

Location: Clark's Northern Lights Resort on Cedar Lake, Vermilion Bay, Ontario
Website: clarksresorts.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/ClarksResorts
Phone: 807-227-2154 or 866-744-2154


29.5" Walleye Caught at True North Outposts & Cabins

Dominick Palma caught and released this 29.5" walleye on Clearwater (Burditt) Lake while staying at True North Outposts & Cabins. Being a fairly novice fisherman, Dom now has a big personal record to beat.


Location: True North Outposts & Cabins on Clearwater Lake, Emo, Ontario
Website: tno.on.ca or Facebook: www.facebook.com/True-North-Outposts-Cabins
Phone: 807-482-2362


30" Walleye Caught at Slippery Winds Wilderness Resort

This 30" golden walleye was caught and released at Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge. The walleye was caught on Yoke Lake in the evening of July 11th, 2014.

30" walleye caught on Yoke Lake at Slippery Winds

Location: Slippery Winds Wilderness Resort on Yoke Lake, north of Fort Frances, Ontario
Website: www.gwnlodges.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/Slippery.Winds.Lodge
Phone: 888-244-7453


27.5" Walleye Caught at Ross' Camp

Bob Dahlke Jr caught & released this 27.5" walleye (about 7 lb) on Clearwater (Burditt) Lake in June 2014 at Ross' Camp.

27.5" walleye caught on Clearwater Lake

Location: Ross' Camp on Clearwater-Pipestone Chain of Lakes, Emo, Ontario, Canada
Website: rosscamp.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ross-Camp
Phone: 482-2018 or 800-363-2018


28.5" Walleye Caught at KaBeeLo Lodge

Eyad Yehyawi of Iowa caught this nice 28.5" walleye in late June while fishing with KaBeeLo Lodge. Eyad's brother helped to net the fish and then after a quick pic let her back into the water unharmed to live another day.

28.5" walleye caught at KaBeeLo Lodge

Location: KaBeeLo Lodge on Confederation Lake, Ear Falls, Ontario
Website: kabeelo.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/kabeelo.lodge
Phone: 800-233-2952

Visit our website if you'd like to know more about walleye fishing in Ontario.

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