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Chasing Waterfalls

Chasing Waterfalls

"Please go chase the waterfalls, don't stick to the rivers and lakes that you're used to" - Superior Country

Photo: Deana Renaud (Writer & Creater for the blog Getting Lost on the 49th

Although this joke has been made more than the song has been played, we couldn’t help but state that we are fully recommending you go against everything TLC sang and chase those waterfalls. There is nothing more magical than the sound of the rushing water, paired with stunning views of it cascading over rocks that formed so long ago. Whenever I want to feel at peace, the number of falls we have in the region helps me achieve this. If you want to achieve the same, then make sure to read on and check out the wonderful waterfalls in our region.

Photo: Deana Renaud (Writer & Creater for the blog Getting Lost on the 49th

Aguasabon Falls is a must see/stop while traveling through the region along Highway 17. The falls are located right before the community of Terrace Bay, Ontario. There is parking space available when you pull off at this epic attraction. It is a short pathway and does not take long to walk the boardwalk to reach the lookout over the falls. 

You can stand and breathe in the fresh Northern air while enjoying the mist from the falls, or you can enjoy the stunning views of it frozen throughout the winter season. 

Mazukama Falls is a real treasure within the North, with a great hike to the main atrraction that features many beautiful spots such as smaller streams, cascading falls, and a log that almost replicates the moment from Dirty Dancing. I can gurantee you will not be disappointed. For more information on the hike and what to expect, make sure to read Mazukama Memories. 

This waterfall is approximately 25 metres high, and looks magnificent in a warm Northern summer or crisp cold winter. I would describe the hike as moderate. The entire trail has signage that guides you all the way to the falls, and is enjoyable all the way to the top. 

As the second highest falls in Ontario and a natural wonder of Superior Country, you can never go wrong stopping in to see Kakabeka Falls. Filled with beauty and legends about the origins of their existence, you won't regret chasing these waterfalls. 

They are located just outside of Thunder Bay, with plenty of parking spaces and a gorgeous boardwalk to guide you to the lookout viewing the natural wonder. For more information on these attraction, you can read our article on the Natural Wonders of Superior Country. 

These falls have always been a personal favourite of mine, as the bright white water continues to contrast the dark black rocks surrounding the bottom of the falls. The falls is elevated on the side of a cliff that I would describe as a very quick but more difficult trek. From where you park your car on the side of Highway 11, you can see a well-worn but very short path that starts up on a small hill. You then follow the path, which usually has a lot of loose rocks and branches on it, until you reach large black rocks that you then have to free climb to reach the bottom of the falls.

You don’t have to go right to the bottom of the falls, as you have a beautiful view from many different points on the path and from the road, but if you are an adventure seeker like myself you will find yourself crouching on the rocks, able to feel the mist on your face, and fully embracing them as much as you can.  

For more on how to find these, please check out our article Exploring Superior Country in Fall.

Photo: Deana Renaud (Writer & Creater for the blog Getting Lost on the 49th

Photo: Deana Renaud (Writer & Creater for the blog Getting Lost on the 49th

Wolf River Falls, or what locals refer to as "Red Rock Falls," is located near Dorion, Ontario down Fish Hatchery Road off Highway 17. For more information on how to get to this location, make sure to read our Instagram-worthy spots along Superior Country.

The drive is longer than the hike, as the actual hike to the falls is a very short but steep one, with a cliff face to climb down using a wooden ladder and rope on the path for hikers. 

This spot is a perfect hangout, a great picnic area, a nice swimming spot, and an adrenaline rush for those who want to brave standing directly under the waterfalls.

Photo: Deana Renaud (Writer & Creater for the blog Getting Lost on the 49th

These falls are tucked away underneath the beginning of a great hike in Superior Country. For more on the hike to Kama Kliffs, make sure to read our previous article Exploring Superior Country in the Fall.

A few metres to the left of the trail, head along the path in the grass parallel to Highway 17. You'll see a path heading into the trees, where it meets a small stream, and you should then be able to hear the rush of water. Make sure to be careful, as the path is along the right side of the bank and can be a bit awkward to walk on. The path is next to the stream, and it only takes a minute or so to reach the end where the falls are.

Rainbow Falls is located in Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, a place I loved to camp growing up with my family. This park has so many options for different adventures, but one of the best is finding these waterfalls. 

Rainbow Falls Provincial Park is located on Highway 17 just before Schrieber, Ontario. For more information on this campground, check out Rainbow Falls Provincial Park.

Go-Mar Falls is really a true Northern beauty. They are large, wide, and the perfect backdrop for any day, whether that be a cool winter one or hot summer one. Chasing this waterfall will really make you feel like a true explorer, as it is a bit more of a challenge to reach these ones. 

In order to get there, you must turn onto Highway 11 just next to the Nipigon River Bridge. Once you turn onto the highway and pass the Red Rock Indian Band, you will travel for 35 km. Eventually you will see a natural power plant on the left-hand side, and you'll know you're in the right place; pull off as close to the plant as possible and park. You will then want to carefully cross the highway and head east along the power line, follow it for 750 metres, and when you reach a smaller stream, you will find a trail on the right hand side; follow the creek to the bottom of the falls.  

We here at Superior Country gurantee you will not be disappointed by disobeying TLC, and we look forward to seeing your posts chasing waterfalls with the hashtag #chasingwaterfallsinSC.


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