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Boreal Paradise: Non-Motorized Trails in Timmins

Porcupine Ski Runners • Credit: Porcupine Ski Runners
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Boreal Paradise: Non-Motorized Trails in Timmins

A winter wonderland

With a long, consistent winter, Timmins is the place to be for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing! It's home to one of the largest ski clubs in Canada and to some of the most accessible snowshoeing trails around.

Timmins is home to some fantastic non-motorized trails that are especially enjoyable in the winter. The highlight of the area is Porcupine Ski Runners  property, which is home to some of the best winter activities in Northeastern Ontario. There are many more multi-purpose trails in Timmins that are not included in this article, but we recommend checking them out.

For other great winter activities in Timmins, take a look at this top five list of things to do this winter!

Porcupine Ski Runners Xstrata Chalet.

Porcupine Ski Runners

Just 3 km from downtown Timmins sits Porcupine Ski Runners, one of the largest Nordic ski clubs with some of the best skiing and snowshoeing trails in Northeastern Ontario. This is a hotspot for tourists visiting the area, because it offers all necessary rental equipment, so it's perfect for people travelling light.


There are a total of six clearly marked snowshoeing trails on this property, ranging from short and easy to longer and more difficult. For beginners, it would be smart to start out with the easy 1.1-km trail, which starts right from the parking lot, to get a sense for the area. There are also three moderate trails, which range from 1 km to 2.3 km, a hard trail that is 1.2 km, and finally a difficult trial that is 3.7 km. The trails expand off each other, so even though the longest trail is only 3.7 km, you'll be able to cover much more ground than that by conquering multiple loops. Check out the trail map here.

If you have never used snowshoes before and want to try it out, don't worry—Porcupine Ski Runners is one of the few places that offers rentals! Depending on if you are a member or not, the prices vary but they start at $7 for adults $5 for children.

Snowshoeing at Porcupine Ski Runners.


30 km of professional groomed trails through the beautiful northern boreal forest creates a spectacular environment for enjoying Nordic skiing. The trails are designed for both classic and skate skiing, and are clearly marked with easy to follow signs. One of the most impressive and luxury features of Porcupine Ski Runners’ trails is that some of the network is expertly illuminated for night skiing, making a truly unique winter experience for visitors. Another luxury aspect that makes this property one of the best is their gorgeous Xstrata chalet that offers rental equipment, a waxing room, locker facilities, and a snack bar.

Porcupine Ski Runners is host to multiple events and programs, including the 38th Annual Loppet Ski or Snowshoe, definitely a community favourite, a Family Day event where fees are free and rentals are 50% off, and the 2019 Canadian Masters Championships, held here in February. School programs are also offered, and the club proudly run a Jackrabbits program and a Biathlon Bears program aimed at promoting the sport and developing skills for kids in the community.

Porcupine Ski Runners.

Other Cross-Country Skiing Trials

Other Snoeshoeing Trails

Timmins cross-country ski trails provided by Tourism Timmins.

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