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The Rides of March

The Rides of March

Rides of March, Northeastern Ontario

Don't Put Your Sled Away - This Season is Just Getting Started

With their historic snowfalls, an deep freeze temps, these towns that know the best month of the riding season is March!


(All photos by Virgil Knapp)

Have you ever had such a good time doing something, that you never want it to end? That's what snowmobiling in Northeastern Ontario is all about—a great time that just keeps going and going.

After snowfalls throughout February dumped some white gold all over the trails in the North, and the polar vortex froze everything deep and solid, Northeastern Ontario is poised for the best March sledding in the province.

So if you've lamented the end of winter, and thought about fogging your engine and getting out your sled cover—THINK AGAIN. The Rides of March are upon us, and they reward those who make the four- or five-hour drive to the borders of this vast sledding playground.

Looking for a place to start? Try these towns:

Temiskaming Shores

6 Hours from Sault Ste. Marie Border
8.5 Hours from Detroit Border

Kirkland Lake

9.5 Hours from Detroit Border
7 Hours from Sault Ste. Marie Border

Black River-Matheson

7 Hours from Sault Ste. Marie Border

Iroquois Falls

7 Hours from Sault Ste. Marie Border


6 Hours from Sault Ste. Marie Border
10.5 Hours from Detroit Border


7 Hours from Sault Ste. Marie Border
11 Hours from Detroit Border


6 Hours from Sault Ste. Marie Border

Or try these Snow Tours:

Northeastern Ontario has hundreds of miles of connected trails, often billing itself as the #1 snowmobile destination in the world. There's almost always snow throughout the season. 

Special thanks to all the volunteers of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs that create the world's best snowmobiling!

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