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2019 Snow Sculpture Competition

One of the snow sculptures at the 2019 Kenora Winter Carnival • Credit: Erin Rody
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2019 Snow Sculpture Competition

Which one would you choose?

Each year, many talented artists carve snow sculptures along the 'greenbelt' in Kenora. The winners are announced the Friday of the Kenora Winter Carnival.

One of the things I love best about the Kenora Winter Carnival is the snow sculptures that line the Kenora 'greenbelt'. The theme of this year's carnival is Frozen Fiesta, "It's a Party in the Snow".

All the sculptures are simply amazing. Hats off to everyone that took part in carving them. Many are so detailed that you really have to stay a while and take a walk around them to get the full effect. 

I'd hate to be a judge myself, but if you were a judge, which one would you pick as the winner?

1 - Winter Wonderland

This spectacular snow sculpture was completed by Lorne Dubois in memory of Bridgette. What a beautiful tribute to his late girlfriend. Each side of the sculpture is simply amazing. 

Watch a video of all sides of Lorne's sculpture here


This sculpture carved by the students at St. Thomas Aquinas High School really depicts the Frozen Fiesta theme. Great job!

3 - Summer/Winter

This sculpture is amazing. If you look closely, you'll see a snowflake carved in the interior. 

Watch a video of this sculpture here.

 4 - Party in the South - Snowbird's Fiesta En El Sur

From every side of the sculpture, Kathleen Bouchard has something new to catch your eye. From the sea turtle to a bird, to a dolphin, it is beautiful!

Watch a video of this Snowbird Fiesta here.

5 - Crazy Party

This is one of my favourite sculptures. You really have to look inside to get the full effect. There's a man hitting a pinata and a couple of people celebrating with cake!

Watch a video of Crazy Party here

6 - Taking Winter By the Horns

This is my daughter's favourite! The students at Beaver Brae Secondary school carved this fun sculpture.

Thank you to all that braved the cold weather to carve out these snow sculptures. It's one of the highlights of the Kenora Winter Carnival each year. 

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